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About Our Program

What makes Next Level Collaboration different?

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What if a social capacity building program could be not only effective in developing confidence and teamwork skills, but also a positive experience that children want to attend and will remember for the rest of their lives?

How does our program work?

Next Level Collaboration uses carefully selected cooperative video games as a tool to build specific social and collaborative teamwork skills. Combined with explicit teaching, these games create the conditions to develop these skills in a real-life, interest-based context to support their success. Children learn the meaning of these skills, what they look like, why they are important, and the situations in which they can use these skills.

Participants attend weekly 90-minute in-person sessions at our location in Melbourne, Australia for 8 weeks during school terms. During sessions, participants are guided through our three-stage process to work together and not only build their collaborative teamwork skills, but also a sense of belonging with other gamers like them.

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