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Our Team

Introducing Jess

Jessica (Jess) Rowlings is our superstar CEO! She is a certified speech and language pathologist and currently works as a researcher at the Centre for Program Evaluation (Melbourne Graduate School of Education). Jess has a lived experience of autism and ADHD and during her university education, found that neurodiverse-positive social capacity building programs co-designed with the autistic community were lacking. Her previous work includes Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and she has a passion for neurodiversity in women, including the relationships between neurodiversity and mental health.

Jess’s favourite games are: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Animal Crossing, Super Metroid, and the Ratchet and Clank series.

When not gaming, you’ll find Jess sewing, building with LEGO and playing with her dog, Snickers!

jess rowlings

Jessica Rowlings

Next Level Collaboration CEO

Researcher at The University of Melbourne

dr matt harrison

Matthew Harrison

Next Level Collaboration Chief Research Officer

Researcher/Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne

Introducing Matt

Next Level Collaboration was created out of Dr Matthew (Matt) Harrison’s research, so we wouldn’t be here without him! Matt is an experienced educator, researcher, and digital creator with a keen passion for utilising technology and games-based intervention to enhance children’s social learning and inclusion. He trains teachers at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Matt’s research primarily focuses on promoting inclusive education for neurodiverse children and young adults, and the creative use of digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. He is also the founder of Hatt Designs developing educational apps for tablets and smartphones.

Matt’s favourite games include the Donkey Kong Country series, Starcraft 2 and Rayman Legends.

When not gaming: You’ll find Matt playing with Lego or going for a run!

Next Level Collaboration is a proud product of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program at the University of Melbourne.

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